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Delivering the Benefits of Aircraft Leasing to Clients for over a Decade.

Aircraft Leasing Corporation has over ten years’ experience in aircraft leasing, that means that for over a decade we have been a part of our client’s successes, due largely to the vast benefits that Aircraft Leasing affords them.

The benefits of leasing include the freeing up of cash flow which can otherwise be diverted to the operational and expansion costs of your business.

Not having to lay out capital to purchase your aircraft also means that you are afforded the flexibility to grow your bottom line while increasing your company’s capabilities.

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Economic and political uncertainty has become a norm in the current South African climate. Uncertainty about various economic indicators including interest rates remains, while Government spending cuts are likely to impact the liquidity in the market. Investors and businesses don’t like this uncertainty which has resulted in stalled transactions and where a wait-and-see approach is taken.

For the big institutions offering traditional finance, the appetite to lend is obviously lower. Commercial banks are increasingly showing a shrinking appetite for risk under increasingly stringent regulatory pressure. As a result, they are often not able to extend the capital needed for business, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises.

For aircraft owners, finding the right kind of capital can be a make-or-break decision. Accessing finance will not only impact the financial future of your company, but could have a direct impact on day-to-day management. At Aircraft Finance Corporation we not only offer aircraft and helicopter finance, but engine and avionics upgrade finance, bridging finance and refinancing solutions.

Fortunately, the number of alternative lenders is growing exponentially in South Africa who offer some relief for companies. While they remain focused on risk and making sure that they are not overexposed, alternative financiers are not governed by the actions of big banks, they don’t have to follow the very stringent regulations or the conservative lending requirements of the banks.

With our extensive expertise in aircraft finance, Aircraft Finance Corporation is able to create a collaborative solution for your finance requirements. In addition to offering a competitive cost of funds, we focus on service and the speed to close a transaction.

Raising debt capital can be tough, even for business owners who have gone through the motions before. There is no simple equation which can be applied to every company. However, for companies which have adequate equity, there is certainly finance available and many ways to access it.

At Aircraft Finance Corporation we know our clients want to work with a company which can make decisions quickly, and deal directly with a decision maker who is able to make the call. That’s why we are your expert finance specialists.

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