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Fleet Manager

VACANCYFleet Manager
LOCATIONMelrose/Lanseria International
REMUNERATIONNegotiable depending on experience

Aircraft Asset Finance Corporation is looking for a Fleet Manager to join our team. With the growth and expansion of our company, we are looking for a dynamic and energetic person to join our team to fill the role of Fleet Manager, to start as soon as possible. Experience in the aviation industry is a must.

3 – 5 years’ experience in the aviation industry.
Own transportation and a valid license.
Must be computer literate.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Procedures have been developed and documented for the guidance of all maintenance and related activities.
  • The procedures are implemented by appropriate oversight of the Maintenance Organisation.
  • That all of AOG’s situations are effectively managed and resolved timeously by the maintenance control centre.
  • Relevant details of maintenance and rectification of work done and spares fitted are recorded and stored.
  • The necessary spares purchasing, storage, issuing and logistics are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Maintenance Control Manual.
  • Logistical and maintenance support is provided in accordance with the procedures laid down.
  • With regard to aircraft documentation, all the required documents are current and available to be carried aboard the aircraft and that copies of the documentation are retained in the company files.
  • Ensure that the aircraft fleet is, at any time, airworthy according to CAR/TS-145.
  • Oversight of the planning, scheduling and conduct of maintenance outstations.
  • Ensure the storage of records of all technical/maintenance related forms according to SA CAR 145 or, where accepted and applicable EU-OPS 1.920. Track DDL items and deferred defects i.a.w SA CATS 145.04.1 (15). Ensure the validity of all maintenance documents used by technical department.
  • Verify the technical log entries after completion of work carried out.
  • Updated of info sheets and providing this to marketing team monthly.
  • Ensure that inventory parts have all the requisite paperwork ( STC’s, 8130”s, Serviceability Status etc.) at hand
  • Perform tasks to assist in maintaining the office in an organised, efficient, and effective and customer-focused manner.
  • Demonstrate initiative, confidentiality, and responsibility in the performing of this role.
  • Work effectively in a team environment.

Please email CV’s to jason@airfincorp.co.za